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3 Reasons to Change Your HVAC Filter More Often

3 Reasons to Change Your HVAC Filter More Often

Make sure you are checking your filter often and changing it as needed!

If your HVAC system had a superlatives election, the filter would win “unsung hero” by a landslide. Not only does the filter keep dust and allergens from circulating throughout your home, it also helps your HVAC unit run at peak efficiency. Make sure you are checking your filter often and changing it as needed! 

Too Much Pet Hair

When you live with pets, their hair tends to get on everything in your home. Even if you keep them well-groomed some hair is still going to end up coming off, especially during the spring and summer. During the fall and winter, though, they’ll have thicker coats than usual. This means they’re more likely to produce more hair, even if your pet “doesn’t shed” you’ll probably find those little dog and cat hairs strewn about your home. The more pets you have, the worse it is for your HVAC filters.

The Fan is On

Look closely at the settings on your thermostat. You should see one that says “on” and one that says “auto”. When you leave it on auto, it will only turn on as needed. If you leave set to “on” that means it is constantly running. While this might not seem like such a bad thing, it means that air is continually passing through your filters, filling them faster and decreasing the overall efficiency of your HVAC unit. If you turn the fan from “on” to “auto”, you likely won’t even notice a difference and your filters will start lasting much longer between changes! 

Higher MERV Rating

A higher MERV rating is usually a good thing. It means that your filters are higher quality and not just something that’s easily disposable. While you are provided with cleaner air, it also means that the fan on your home’s HVAC unit will wear itself out much faster. It will need to work harder to pull the air through. If your home is prone to dust or if you have pets, you will need to remain vigilant about checking the filter. You don’t want it to get clogged and harm your system!

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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