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Central Vs. Mini-Split Air Conditioning: Which Should You Install?

Central Vs. Mini-Split Air Conditioning: Which Should You Install?

Today, we’ll be comparing mini-split and central air conditioning.

Summer is on the horizon, and that means you’ll be looking for ways to keep your home cool throughout the season. You have a few different cooling options at your disposal. When it comes to air conditioning solutions, you can choose between mini-split and central A.C. options. So, which is best for your home? Today, we’ll be comparing mini-split and central air conditioning.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your air conditioning bills, then a mini-split air conditioner is the solution for you. The reason you can save money on your energy bill is because mini-split systems provide zone cooling. This means you focus your cooling needs on specific areas of your house instead of cooling the entire area. You can save additional money with these systems because they also don’t require ductwork to be installed, which makes the installation process much simpler than central air conditioning units.

A drawback you have to consider is that you need more space outside of your home available in order to complete the installation. Mini-split systems occupy more outdoor space than central systems.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is another appealing option for homeowners. A big perk that comes with central A.C. systems is that they’re typically much easier to use than mini-split systems. This makes them much more convenient as a cooling option.

Another perk is that these systems typically have a lower upfront cost. Mini-split systems can save money over time, but the initial cost of central air conditioners is lower. You can also raise the value of your home with central A.C., so you can make returns on the initial investment that you make.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that central air conditioners are not as easy to install. They also aren’t as energy-efficient since they provide cooling to every area of your house, even rooms that you might not be using at the time. Nevertheless, central A.C. units remain highly popular with homeowners, especially during the hottest times of year.

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