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Signs to Get Your Commercial HVAC System Replaced

Signs to Get Your Commercial HVAC System Replaced

Here are signs that your business needs a new commercial HVAC system.

An HVAC system is a highly valuable asset to any business. With maintenance, you can keep your unit lasting as long as possible. Unfortunately, however, no matter how much you care for your unit, there will come a time when it can no longer perform its needed functions. This is when getting a new HVAC unit is an inspired idea, but how can you know for sure when it’s time to replace the one you have? Here are signs that your business needs a new commercial HVAC system.

Your Utility Bills are Going Up

Your utility bills are going to fluctuate to a certain extent, but there should be a fairly consistent price range that you’re paying. If your utility bills are greater than normal, and you can’t think of a reasonable explanation, it could be because your commercial HVAC system is not running efficiently. If above-average utility bills are common, you might need to get a new unit, one with greater efficiency that can help bring your utility bills down.

Strange Odors

No strange smell should be taken lightly. If you notice that odd odors are coming out of your HVAC unit, it’s a sign that there’s something serious that’s wrong with it. You want to act quickly in this situation because you don’t want the air quality in your business to be compromised since this can possibly result in airborne illnesses being contracted. Odd odors from your commercial HVAC system can be a sign of system failure to some degree. This means you’ll likely need to replace your unit to address the problem.

Equipment is Getting Towards the End of Its Lifespan

Sometimes, there’s nothing particularly wrong with your commercial HVAC system, but you know that your unit is reaching the end of its expected lifespan. Most units will last between 15 and 25 years. This means that, if your unit is in this age range, you might consider replacing it before any problems arise.

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