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Your HVAC System and Your Sleep Schedule

Your HVAC System and Your Sleep Schedule

Your HVAC system can have a much larger effect on your sleep schedule than you think!

For most homeowners, it’s tricky to diagnose HVAC system malfunction. Did you know that there are many ways your HVAC could be affecting your sleeping? If you’re uncomfortable at night, then trying adjusting your HVAC system settings– this can be even more helpful if you haven’t been sleeping well. Here are some simple HVAC system adjustments that might help you get a better night’s sleep this fall.

Stay Cool

Part of your bedtime routine is something that you may not even realize. Your body temperature will drop to help you relax. Staying cool is important, because if you feel like you are overheating, then you won’t be able to sleep. It’s tempting to crawl under a pile of blankets to help keep the chill away. Set your thermostat to a level between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Surprisingly enough, keeping the temperature this low is much easier in the winter than it is during the summer months.

Monitor Humidity Levels

Even in the fall and winter, you might have to put up with uncomfortable humidity levels. A room that is too humid will make it hard to breathe, which can also interfere with you getting some rest. The problem is that you can’t react by making the room too dry, or else your throat and nose will dry out and wake you up, too. Try using a humidifier or dehumidifier to find the humidity level that is just right for you.

Turn on Some Fans

It sounds strange to turn on the fans when it’s cold outside, but this can actually help you. The air being circulated by the ceiling fan can help you cool, especially if you find that you’re sitting up and throwing blankets off during the night. Ceiling fans also generate a gentle hum of white noise, which, if you don’t have apps for that, can be a fantastic way to help you drift off to sleep.

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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