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Energy Efficiency Tips: Why Insulation Can Actually Help You

Energy Efficiency Tips: Why Insulation Can Actually Help You

Here are some energy efficiency tips to follow when it comes to using insulation this fall and winter!

On some days, the outside temperatures will linger in the upper-60s and lower-70s. At least, this is the case while the sun is still in the sky. After dark, the temperature will drop rapidly. While it makes for comfy sleeping weather it might not always be good news for your home’s energy envelope. Here are some energy efficiency tips to follow when it comes to using insulation this fall and winter!

Consider These Reasons to Insulate 

Keeping your home warm is going to be one of your top priorities this season. It helps ensure that you and your family are more comfortable and it is eco-friendly as well. Your home becomes more energy-efficient, which in turn cuts down on your usage bills. An energy consumption audit can help you determine how much difference the insulation will truly make.

Be Sure to Track Energy Loss 

Speaking of which, take the time to track overall energy loss. By touring around your house, you can spot potential trouble spots, such as leaking windows or damaged screen doors that are letting warm air out and letting cold air in; the climate of your area plus the level of insulation play a role as well. 

Understand the Principle of Air Buoyancy

Have you ever wondered why your home feels hotter upstairs and cooler downstairs? There’s a very simple reason for that: air buoyancy. In other words, warm air rises while cool air sinks. Colder air outside drives us to turn up the thermostat and getting more heat circulating as a result. When it comes to boosting energy efficiency though, you’ll want to strive for consistency and conscious effort to improve both indoor and outdoor heat transfer along with indoor air quality. 

Learn More About Thermal Resistance

Another scientific concept you should read up on is called thermal resistance. If you have ever heard of R-values or U-values in regards to window conductivity then you might already have a glimmer of knowledge about this idea. The better something is rated for thermal-performance, then the more insulative it is. 

Begin Insulating Your Home  

Now the time has come to begin insulating your home. After all, last year’s layers have probably worn down by now. Don’t overlook your basement, attic, and crawlspaces – they are more important than you might expect. The walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors can also affect the integrity of your home’s energy bubble, so do what you can to maintain and upgrade them to take the strain off of your home built-in or external HVAC system

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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