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"We’re proud of the company we keep"

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Energy Use and Your Thermostat

Energy Use and Your Thermostat

Fun fact: the type of thermostat in your home can actually help you save energy AND money while keeping your home comfortable.

Everyone wants to save a little energy wherever they can. Not only is it better for our planet and our future, but it is better for your wallet because saving energy also means saving money. Fun fact: the type of thermostat in your home can actually help you save energy AND money while keeping your home comfortable. How do they do that? Let’s find out!

What Type of Thermostat Do You Have?

  • Manual: These are generally the oldest, but they still work just fine. Manual thermostats work by turning a dial up or down to set the temperature where you’re comfortable. They don’t have lots of confusing controls; they just tell your HVAC system to heat or cool your space to the desired temperature. Manual thermostats tend to not be as good for saving energy because people need to remember to adjust it by hand.
  • Programmable: Programmable thermostats allow users to set a schedule so that the heat or AC will automatically come on when it detects the wrong temperature. You can set it to turn off while you sleep or adjust the temperature for when you’re away. Programmable thermostats help you to save energy while staying comfortable
  • Smart: Smart thermostats are the newest way of increasing efficiency. They connect to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled by a smartphone app. Some models will even “learn” your habits and start to adjust the temperature based on your past habits.

If you’d like to increase your energy efficiency by purchasing a new thermostat, you’ll need to talk to your HVAC technician to find out what options are available to you. Not all thermostats are compatible with all types of HVAC units.

Save Energy and Stay Comfortable

The best way to save energy is to keep the thermostat temperature higher when it’s warmer outside and lower when it’s cold outside, but too high and too low can mean that it’s uncomfortable inside. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all solution for this. Every home is different, due to windows, square footage, number and strength of HVAC units, and whether the inhabitants are more comfortable in warmer or cooler temperatures. It may take a little while to find out where your family can save a little energy, but adjusting just 2-3 degrees one way or the other you may start to see a difference!

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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