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"We’re proud of the company we keep"

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The Advantages Of Prioritizing Indoor Air Quality

W.E. Kingswell Indoor Air Quality

It’s worth noting that modern HVAC systems are more energy-efficient than ever before. With the increase in efficiency, homes and buildings are becoming more airtight. However, proper ventilation is essential to maintain healthy indoor air quality. This is critical to ensure the occupants’ well-being and the structure’s longevity. Here is how better indoor air quality impacts homeowners and business owners alike.

Improved Breathing 

Breathing is fundamental to our existence but can be challenging for specific individuals. People who suffer from respiratory or pulmonary disorders, infants, and older adults are particularly vulnerable to poor indoor air quality, which can significantly impact their quality of life. However, even those without such conditions can benefit considerably from breathing clean, healthy air. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize maintaining good indoor air quality for our well-being.

Better Overall Sleep

Improving the quality of indoor air can have a significant impact on the quality of sleep. Breathing in cleaner air makes you more likely to experience restful sleep. During sleep, your breathing patterns shift, and any disturbances in the air quality can trigger your brain to wake you up. This is where eliminating allergens and other pollutants from the air can prove helpful in ensuring a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. So, prioritizing your living space’s air quality can lead to a better sleep experience.

Decreased Allergens 

It is worth noting that more than 20 percent of the population experiences seasonal allergies such as hay fever. This is a considerable number of people, and improving indoor air quality can help reduce the allergens in homes and offices. If these allergens and germs remain in the air, they can eventually settle on various surfaces, potentially causing discomfort and health problems. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain good air quality indoors.

More Productivity In Commercial Settings 

According to research, indoor air quality has been found to impact employee productivity significantly. Considering that a stuffy or dusty office or unpleasant smells can interfere with an individual’s ability to work efficiently and achieve their goals is essential. Various air quality factors affect workplace productivity, and it is imperative to take measures to ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment.

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

William E. Kingswell has been a distinguished commercial and residential heating and cooling service provider since 1937. We have provided unmatched customer service to all of our clients. We enjoy being the preferred HVAC equipment distributor of countless customers. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality heat pumps, boilers, unit heaters, HVAC accessories, and more. William E. Kingswell works with businesses and homeowners throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, including Baltimore, Frederick, Annapolis, Fairfax, Manassas, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, and Leesburg. To learn more about our extensive range of SpacePak, Concord, Allied Commercial, and Bard HVAC equipment, call us at 301-937-1900 or contact us today.


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