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The Best Thermostat Settings for Summer Comfort and Savings

w.e. kingswell thermostat settings for summer

Discover the best thermostat settings for summer comfort and savings.

Summer is upon us! With the notorious high temperatures, you will probably have your AC on all the time when you are at home. Running any appliance for that long is bound to cost you a lot. Could there be a way to enjoy summer comfort without facing sky-high utility costs?

In this guide, we will show you how you can achieve this by adjusting your thermostat settings.

Thermostat Settings During the Day

The U.S Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat at 78 degrees. This value is the closest to daily summer average temperatures. The logic behind it is that if you keep your thermostat settings as close as possible to the outside temperature, the more energy you will save while still relieving yourself of the scalding heat.

Thermostat Settings During the Night 

Most people keep their ACs running at night, and keeping them in the right setting will influence our sleep quality. Experts recommend setting the thermostat a few degrees below the daytime settings to ensure comfort while you sleep. This range would be between 60 and 67 degrees.

Of course, this may increase your expenses. So how can you reduce the cost while still getting a good night’s sleep?

One possible solution is to start from the lowest, 60 degrees, then add the temperature by one degree every night. To set it even higher, you can try using fans, dehumidifiers, open windows, and temperature regulating bedding to provide alternative cooling sources.

Thermostat Settings When There Is Nobody at Home

People often neglect to change their thermostat settings when they leave the house. Set your thermostat 7 or 10 degrees above what you are used to when you are at home. Doing this for up to 8 hours a day can help you save up to 10% on electricity bills.

But what about the pets you would leave at home? Most healthy animals can survive comfortably in temperatures as high as 83 degrees. However, it would be prudent to make sure they have enough hydration. Be careful not to go above this to avoid harming them.

Always Monitor Humidity 

Humidity makes hot days worse because the increased moisture concentration outside the body makes it harder for sweat glands to work. Sweat needs to evaporate off your skin to cool you, and when it is too humid, it simply stays on your skin.

Most ACs can regulate relative humidity, but only if your unit is not too large for your home. To help your AC control humidity more efficiently, try air sealing your home and installing vapor barriers in basements and crawl spaces. If you want to save your AC some more energy, get a humidifier or fans that will help improve airflow and allow sweat to evaporate from your body.

When you utilize these thermostat settings and techniques for staying cool, you can ensure that you save some extra money this summer without sacrificing your comfort.

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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