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What to Do When Your Home Isn’t Cool Enough

What to Do When Your Home Isn’t Cool Enough

Here’s a guide to what to do when you have had enough of the summer heat.

August will bring with it some of the hottest weather we’ve seen all summer. If you thought temperatures could be scorching in June and July, then the worst hasn’t happened yet. Another problem you’ll have to deal with is when your home simply doesn’t feel cool enough. Maybe some rooms are filled with too much sunlight, especially in the morning. Here’s a guide to what to do when you have had enough.

Move the Air Around

One idea is to help the air circulate. If the vents are too dirty or are blocked, then they won’t be able to move the air around as effectively. Clean out the vents and make sure you don’t have any furniture blocking the returns on the vents. Getting rid of dust will make a huge difference. Then consider closing some of the vents on the first floor of your home. This may sound counterproductive at first, but it can help. Don’t close them all of the way, though. Only closing them part of the way will push the air upstairs which can help even out any pressure imbalances that can make your home feel warmer than you would prefer.

Turn On the AC’s Fan

Another solution is to lean on the AC’s fan setting. Most of the time, it will be on the “auto” setting. You shouldn’t be afraid to put it on the “cool” setting instead. When it is on, the fan will kick on and off more frequently. This means that more air will be moving. Even if you have ceiling fans and stand fans that can help move the air, this way you won’t have to lug anything with you as you moved around the house completing your chores. The auto setting means that it will only start when the outside unit isn’t running. And in some cases, you might not even have an outdoor unit installed.

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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