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"We’re proud of the company we keep"

In the wake of the Coronavirus, we’ve got a few more ideas and products to add to your toolbox.  Try these solutions from Nu-Calgon.

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How Well Do Your Space Heaters Run?

we kingswell space heaters

Old space heaters are unlikely to run very well. That’s a definite problem.

Old space heaters are unlikely to run very well. That’s a definite problem. Even though daytime temperatures are holding steady in the mid-to-upper-60s, the nights are chilly. Make no mistake – winter is surely on its way. Strange cold spots can make you miserable. The thing is, there are alternative ways to heat your home without using these devices. They are liable to cause fires or spew carbon monoxide throughout your house. What are these other options? 

Inspect Your Current Heating System 

Before doing anything else, you should inspect your home’s current heating system. What kind of condition is it in? Closed registers, blocked heat sources, closed dampers, and clogged furnace filters are some of the most common problems you will encounter. Other similar issues are the presence of leaky ducts and delayed furnace maintenance that has been ignored for far too long. 

Turn On the Oven to Bake Something 

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it only makes sense to start baking! Your oven will provide some ambient heat, even when the door is closed. It should only take an hour or two to fully bake a pie (or cake, if you prefer). And while this isn’t a long-term solution, such a stopgap can help you on the days when it is particularly freezing outside. And you have a reward for your cleverness! What more could you ask for? 

Use Weatherstripping or Caulking 

Another suggestion is to use weatherstripping or caulking. These methods add some more insulation to your home. Where should you focus your efforts? We recommend that you concentrate on sealing up windows, lined drapes, window insulation sheets, carpets, and draft excluders. The so-called excluders are designed to stop drafts of air seeping through doors and windows. By using these materials, you could eliminate the need for multiple space heaters. 

Install Duct Booster Fans 

Even though you can’t see it, ductwork runs throughout your home. The ducts are concealed behind the walls, so you typically won’t think about them until something goes wrong. If such a situation does occur, consider installing duct booster fans. This upgrade improves the performance of forced-air heaters. The blower fans activate when the furnace turns on, and they accelerate the airflow whooshing through the connected ducting.  

Configure Room-to-Room Vent Fans

Room-to-room fans help distribute warmth radiated by fireplaces. These devices are also called “through the wall vent fans” and rely on components such as intake blowers and air diffusers to move the necessary heat around. Plus, they can work the same way in warmer weather to send your aircon wherever it needs to go. 

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

William E. Kingswell has remained a distinguished provider of commercial and residential heating and cooling services since 1937. We have provided unmatched customer service to all of our clients. We enjoy being the preferred HVAC equipment distributor of countless customers. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality heat pumps, boilers, unit heaters, HVAC accessories, and more. William E. Kingswell works with businesses and homeowners throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, including Baltimore, Frederick, Annapolis, Fairfax, Manassas, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, and Leesburg. To learn more about our extensive range of SpacePak, Concord, Allied Commercial, and Bard HVAC equipment, give us a call at 301-937-1900 or contact us today!


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