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Perplexing Temperature Issues: Random Hot and Cold Spots

Perplexing Temperature Issues: Random Hot and Cold Spots

Dealing with temperature issues inside your home can be difficult to do.

Dealing with temperature issues inside your home can be difficult to do. After all, you’re probably puzzled why the downstairs level could be so cold while the upstairs feels like you are sitting in a pizza oven. Even with the scientific principle that heat rises, there could be numerous reasons why you experience random hot and cold spots all over your house. One such scenario is if the insulation and weatherstripping have worn out. Besides, rapid temperature swings can cost you a pretty penny. Read on to learn more! 

The HVAC System Is Incorrectly Sized

HVAC system configuration contributes to any problems you may find. There’s just no way around this fact; most homeowners wouldn’t know how to diagnose or fix whatever is wrong. Let’s suppose your unit is too small: that means it will need more time to properly heat up your home or cool it down. On the other hand, units that are too large for your square footage distribute heating and cooling unevenly and also struggle to remove excess humidity.  

Your Ductwork and House Lack Insulation

As we mentioned above, you could need to replace insulation. The ductwork concealed within your home’s air conditioning system is most likely made of metal. As such, the metal pipes need to have proper insulation so that they won’t create hot spots or cold zones. Temperature leaks can also plague areas such as basements and attics. Likewise, be sure to replace old insulation around the exterior of your home because odd fluctuations in temperatures throughout the day are not good signs.

Your Ductwork Needs Maintenance

One of the most problematic parts of addressing temperature issues involves the ductwork. You might never know when the ducts require maintenance. Holes, cracks, and dirt build-up can all cause your ducts to malfunction. You can replace air filters in your home by yourself, but for more extensive problems, you’d be better off consulting an expert HVAC technician instead.

Heat Zones Must Be Recalibrated

Zoning deficits could also explain why your house is bitterly cold in one room and uncomfortably warm in another. To that end, reconsider the zoning system that your home incorporates. Individually-controlled temperature zones could be the way to go. 

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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