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HVAC Solutions: How to Deal with Troublesome Allergens

HVAC Solutions: How to Deal with Troublesome Allergens

Fortunately, there are several HVAC solutions you can pursue to remedy this situation and start to feel better again.

Allergens of all kinds can be a hassle. This scenario is particularly unpleasant for many homeowners during the winter months. After all, the overall lack of humidity inside can cause havoc with your body – sinuses, eyes, and lungs alike. Fortunately, there are several HVAC solutions you can pursue to remedy this situation and start to feel better again. Join us as we discuss helpful methods for dealing with bothersome allergies.

Types of Allergens Affecting Your Air Quality

Before you can begin contemplating the HVAC solutions you can implement, you’ve got to think about the source of the problem first. In this case, you will notice that these issues stem from common indoor allergens that are omnipresent in residential settings everywhere. Just a handful of examples include: 

  1. Mold
  2. Pet dander
  3. Dust mites
  4. Pollen
  5. Cockroach or rodent droppings

Sometimes you will notice that these allergens are tracked in from outside, but not every time. Although it sounds improbable, regularly-scheduled HVAC maintenance can help keep allergens under control. That’s because one of the tasks involved is to remediate indoor air quality problems brought about by pollutants you might not even notice right away. Finding the right filter is the key!

Changing Out the Old Air Filters

Again, even though it seems so small and insignificant, changing out old filters can actually be more beneficial than you might think. That’s because clogged filters won’t do you much good. Microns are the unit of measurement that tracks the amount of particulate matter that these filters can trap. If it is smaller than 40 microns, then you can’t see it. 

New Filters to Consider 

When you are interested in getting new filters for your home’s HVAC system, then you will need to keep the MERV ratings in mind. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The scale runs from 1-16 and has to do with the particles that the filter can keep from becoming a literal headache for you and your family. Better filters will clog up faster because they just work that way. Some possible options include permanent electrostatic filters, disposable electrostatic filters, and HEPA filters. 

The Value of Periodic Maintenance

As always, you will need to speak to an experienced professional who knows how to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. That’s why periodic maintenance is so important. Changing filters once a quarter or so is a good idea, but in the meantime, you can step up to clean the filters on your own – damp cloths, specially-manufactured towels, and even vacuuming the house to clear up dust can be a gigantic help. 

We Are Proud of the Company We Keep

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